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Muntazah beckons - one more week

Close readers of the Paranormal blog might recall that Paraglider moved, a little over a year ago, from Muntazah Park to Bin Mahmoud. The reasons for the move had little to do with the respective areas; Muntazah, in fact, has a lot more to offer in the way of small shops and supermarkets and even a little triangle of green open space. The move was occasioned then, not by environs but by plumbing, or more specifically sewerage. One can only exist so long in an apartment building where the ill-designed sewerage system regularly backs up. (Don't ask what that means- you'll know it if it ever happens to you). But enough of that. Bin Mahmoud also begun to pall after a while. My building there is small and quite old, and almost certainly earmarked for demolition, like its small, quite old neighbours, all of which have been razed to the ground in the past six months. Borrowed time aside, the constant noise and dust from the demolition, earth works and pile driving has become unbearabl