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One Small Step for a Chicken

This blog started out as Helga's Chickens. Later, it became The Paranormal Hotel, and more recently, Paraplexed at the Paranormal Hotel. The changes were occasioned by such major events as: Helga's retirement and/or exile to the (now demolished) Rattlesnake, my move from Dubai to Qatar and the final closure (after several aborted mini-closures) of Jockey's Pub. Well, dear readers, another major event has occurred. I have relocated again, this time from Qatar back to England. Retirement? Not sure yet. Technically, I am a pensioner, having crossed the formal finishing line. But my return home was triggered not by chronology but by a debilitating attack of shingles in the left ophthalmic nerve. If anyone ever offers you this, even on a trial basis, smile sweetly and say no. It hurts a lot, for months. But that's behind me now, give or take the odd twinge, and with summer drawing to a close, the homing pull of pipe and slippers may very well prove a weak force. Winter may