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Welcome to InterNations

If you've arrived here from InterNations - Welcome to PARAPLEXED, formerly The Paranormal Hotel and originally Helga's Chickens, arguably the longest-titled blog in the Middle East. It's always nice to be recognised so I'm grateful to InterNations for featuring my humble efforts here. (In fact, it is the second time we've been 'discovered', the first being by The Chimaera , a bona fide literary e-zine). But that was a long time ago, in the days of Helga's Chickens. So, thank you for visiting. What will you find here? Nothing too serious, not a lot of politics, for example, but plenty of social commentary, mostly from street level. I'm a walker. I like the detail of city life, the things that don't make it into the papers, the stuff you don't see from a car window: the quirky shop signs and odd juxtapositions, the weird rules and regulations, the characters and eccentricities that constitute local colour and flavour, the human vibrancy that