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Flopears and the Peas

So here it is - the final episode in Dad's Flopears series: One day Flopears was feeling very fed-up. He had nothing to do and all his wee brothers and sisters were playing without him, and anyway, he couldn't be bothered with all their noise. "I know what I will do" he said to himself "I'll go away and have an adventure all by myself". So off he went, hopitty-hop hopitty-hop, away up the hill until he came to a great big fence. "I wonder who put that there" he said out loud, he was so surprised. Just then he heard someone talking from the other side of the fence". "I must see about this" he said and started to run along the fence until he found a small hole. "Great" he said, "Now I can see what is happening". For as you know, Flopears was a very nosey little rabbit indeed. Well: Quick as a flash Flopears was through the hole and there was a beautiful little garden with rows and rows of lovely carrots and t

What happened to C-Change (and Agnes)?

If you've tried going to you'll have ended up redirected to here ( I have migrated c-change from UK2 to Blogger. Two main reasons: Webspace on UK2 was getting expensive, while Blogger is free, and on Blogger I get the whole feature set (layouts, gadgets, etc) and far faster publishing, while only a cut-down version is available on a hosted blog. Now, Agnes. Hers was the only content on c-change that wasn't directly exportable. So I've evicted her, kicking and screaming, to Dave McClure - Poems . I hope she'll be happy there. She has her own label (agnes) which will call up all her work to a single page. I'm keeping the c-change domain, for email and in case I want to revive the UK business at some later stage when I'm finished in the Middle East.

Flopears and the Turnip

Welcome to the third episode in Dad's riveting Flopears series. This is the only one that I can definitely remember him telling me. One morning Flopears had just finished his breakfast and as usual he was still very hungry, so off he went hoppity-hop away up the hill to see if he could find something ekse to eat because, all his Mummy had to give him was one wee cabbage leaf and that wasn't very much for a growing bunny Soon he had reached the top of the hill and there he saw a field full of lovely big turnips. Flopears could hardly believe his eyes. He dashed up to the nearest turnip and started to eat it all up. Very soon he stopped eating and said to himself "What a greedy bunny I am to be eating all this lovely food when all my brothers and sisters had for their breakfast was one cabbage leaf". So Flopears looked for the biggest turnip in the field and then he bit off all the leaves and he bit off all the roots and there was the biggest roundest turnip you ever sa

Flopears and the Fox

This is the second of Dad's Flopears stories. For the sake of readability, I'm typing this and the others in lower case, but keeping Dad's colour scheme and italics. Flopears and the Fox Once upon a time there was a wee bunny-rabbit called Flopears who lived in a burrow in the ground with his Mummy and his Daddy and his four brothers and his five sisters. But Flopears was always hungry, he could never get enough to eat One morning Flopears' Mummy came into the burrow with their breakfast, just one lettuce leaf for each wee bunny and as usual Flopears gobbled his share straight away. "Now can I have some more please Mummy. I'm still hungry". "Oh you are a greedy bunny Flopears" said his Mummy, "If you want anything else to eat you must just go away outside and find it for yourself". "That is just what I will do" said Flopears and off he went hopity-hopity out of the burrow and away up the hill till he suddenly spied a lovely wo

Flopears and the Silly Black Rabbit

Dad had a fund of Flopears stories, first rehearsed with Derrick, then Douglas and me, then in turn to all the next generation. He finally typed some of them out (on his Amiga computer in the living room) and gave them to Malcolm, with this hand-written covering note: Dear Malcolm I meant to correct & edit these stories but I haven't had much time recently. Someday maybe I'll do it. Love Grandpa Jock I'm going to retype them here, one by one, for posterity. Dad used all upper case italics and many colours. As far as possible, I'm copying that too. He didn't type any titles, so I've made them up. ------------------------ FLOPEARS AND THE SILLY BLACK RABBIT ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A WEE BABY RABBIT CALLED FLOPEARS WHO LIVED IN A BURROW WITH HIS MUMMY AND HIS DADDY AND HIS FOUR BROTHERS AND FIVE SISTERS, AND FLOPEARS WAS A VERY HAPPY BUNNY AND VERY FOND OF LOOKING FOR ADVENTURES. WELL THIS MORNING JUST AFTER HIS MUMMY HAD GIVEN HIM HIS BREAKFAST OF TWO SMALL