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A Question for Republicans

Krishna teaches that the eternal soul journeys from unmanifest to manifest through conception, pregnancy and birth. Death, whenever and however it occurs, returns the soul to the unmanifest where it awaits rebirth. The point being that the eternal soul cannot be destroyed. Abortion, like any form of killing merely destroys the manifest state, but the soul is imperishable. What is the Christian view on this? Shouldn't the fate of the soul be of more concern to the faithful than the fate of the body?

How to weigh a car using a tape measure and a tyre pressure gauge

There are two pretty good ways to weigh a car: Drive it to the nearest public weighbridge and wait your turn. Look up the manual under General Specifications, ‘kerb weight’ But let's suppose the nearest public weighbridge is fifty miles away and you've lost the manual (and temporarily forgotten how to use public libraries and the Internet) and the burning urge to weigh your car just won't go away- what can you do about it? The good news is, you need hardly any equipment. All you need, for a reasonably accurate result is: a hand-held tyre pressure gauge which can be analogue or digital a retractable steel measuring tape a calculator, pencil and paper, or a good head for mental arithmetic The method Park the car on some clean, level concrete Observe that the car is held up by its four tyres (!) Measure the width of the tread of one tyre: e.g. 6 inches Measure the length of tread in contact with the ground: e.g. 7 inches Work out the area of tread touching the ground: e.g. 6 x

Not For Me

Not For Me is the working title of a new song. It's a work in progress, awaiting a finalised lyric, but the musical elements are all in place. Hope you like it!