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Heard in Heaven

God: Jesus, have you seen my sink plunger? Jesus: I think you had it with you when we went to Chipping Camden. God: Ah yes, there it is! Thanks Son.

How to turn KFC Crispy Strips into Something Edible

You open up your Crispy Strips Meal and reel backwards at the smell of fat. OK, there's possibly a hint of chicken in there too. You carry out a quick survey: three large fried things (probably the chicken), a small pot of coleslaw, a cone of chips (fries, if you prefer), four small sachets of tomato ketchup and a pepsi. A few other bits and pieces that are even less edible than the food. crispy strips, or deep fried teddy bears?  |  Source Anatomy of a KFC Crispy Strip Crispy Strips don't look like chicken. In fact they look like deep fried teddy bears. Their thick coat is a way of selling less chicken and more batter. And more fat. You seize the ugliest one and bite into it. You get a mouthful of hot oil and bugger-all flavour. You realise that you're not going to finish one of these, never mind three. But you're still hungry. The chips are a lost cause, having wilted inside the steamy box. What to do next? You wander into the kitchen in search of