The Weft

Hello and welcome. I am Dave McClure. I've been blogging here as Para Glider for 15 years, mostly documenting my non-working hours in Dubai and Doha. Since leaving the Gulf (thanks to the COVID pandemic) I've finally had time enough to put together a collection of verses which I've called The Weft.

The Weft is available (for less than the price of a pint!) from Amazon in paperback and Kindle e-book formats. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber The Weft is free!

The poems are mostly in modern English, apart from one or two in colloquial Scots. In style, Dave McClure is a New Formalist, meaning that he employs several classic forms while avoiding archaic 'poetic' diction. This collection contains sonnets, roundels, sestinas, terzanelles, Sapphics and more. There is a wide variety of mood, tone and subject matter, with several light verse offerings intermixed with the more serious pieces.


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