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Princesses & Emperors

At the turn of the year, it's normal to look back and take stock. It has been my privilege through 2007 to paraglide with the Emperor and the Desperate Princess. Readers come and go and all are welcome, but you two have been by far the most regular. One is quite a public figure, through blogging; the other far less visible. Maybe 2008 is the year the three of us will share a drink in the 4-pints Charlatan. Or maybe not. Happy New Year, Princess & Emperor - have a great one. Helga is proud of you!

No Mean Milestone

5,000 visits (in total) hardly compares with conquering Everest. In fact, it's scarce a mountain at all - maybe a Corbett, assuredly not a Munro. Ah, but in these flat desert lands, may we not value all the more every slight gradient, and savour with sharpened gratitude every small summit? And if we start our journey in such humble surroundings as Chalky's Bar, in the honest if shadowy company of Helga and her Chickens, with no higher ambition than to return there at the end of the day, are we to be blamed for basking briefly in our small achievement? May we all know peace as this year ends. And may we journey together for a year or two more.