Don't cry for me, Paranormal

Things change, and Paraglider is finding it increasingly difficult to eulogise the Paranormal from afar. Now based in Qatar, visits to Dubai are all too infrequent. What, then, to do with The Paranormal Hotel blog? Three ideas come to mind: 1 - just let it exist as a strange memorial of a time and place, 2 - take it down, 3 - start writing about Qatar's nearest equivalent, the Stufital, instead. Much deliberation went into this trilemma. But option 3 prevailed. The blog title will of course no longer reflect the content, but worse things happen in the Middle East. Regular readers are of course welcome to provide news from the Paranormal in comments.


  1. Decisions, decisions...

    Stufital, well I've come to understand this place actually exists, though coming to terms with this realisation is awfully challenging.

    I don't think I'll be going to the Paranormal any time soon but I imagine the scene won't be the same without you, nor will Helga's hair colour.

    Good luck in Q and look forward to your next posts!

  2. And, as part of the transition process, Paraglider currently finds himself in England, but only until Wednesday. Stufital is, like all names on this site, an approximation to the truth. What makes it still more approximate is that the hotel changed its name from Stufital to Markyoureye about two years ago. But as nobody told the taxi drivers, the Stufital name persists to this day.

  3. LOL - the significance of taxi drivers in the history of identity of such a significant place - the Stufital.

    You're in England? I i so crave steak and mushroom pie with a pint of Guiness to wash it all down. Not that I like beer or drafts.


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