Sitting Outside

The roast pork smell of old Charlie next door practising fire-walking in the garden certainly adds something to the morning ambience. The balcony came with a discarded lady's shoe (word order matters!), a pair of colonial khakis and an impenetrable story that improves on every telling. Dust is of the essence. He who sweeps clean destroys history. Nice one Charlie!


  1. Welcome back Paraglider is your exile from Dubai now over?

  2. No, still languishing in Qatar, but I'll be back for a weekend soon. Not long enough, but maybe enough for inspiration!

  3. Can't imagine the whole episode was worth relinquishing, esp with the esp. smells, though each to his own.

  4. On second reading (one needs to read 1000 times to understand your recent posts) seems like you were having a coffee on your balcony, and were peeking onto your neighbour's balcony.

    Actually, I couldn't care less what you were really doing, though I wish I could understand what inspired this post.

    One must be able to read between "3.857" lines to understand this post.

    I just hope and wish that when you were "sitting outside" that it was remotely comfortable, and the smell was 0.5 good, despite the lady's shoe smell.

    Your word order makes me cry (metaphorically speaking), for I don't understand a word of what you write these days.

    Happy "sitting Outside" for now, and please tell Charlie to get a grip...! :)


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