Cricket - lest we forget

Stufital has been showing too much cricket lately. Or what passes for cricket these days. The IPL T20 series from India, where the teams wear pyjamas and have baby names like Hyderabad Heroes. All that can be said in favour of this travesty of the great game is that doesn't last long. Lest we all forget what cricket is meant to look like, and did, for more than a hundred years, here is a picture of Andrew Flintoff, properly dressed in white, showing a thoroughly correct action, while playing in a five-day match in a five match series. That's cricket. And not a fluffy cheerleader in sight.


  1. I thought Test cricket died some years ago? :-)

    Apart from the cheerleaders, I am big fan of T20 cricket. More power packed. More modern. And still a seriously intelligent game of strategy.

  2. I prefer the ODI - that seems a good compromise between length and speed. The T20 has its moments, and the athleticism is superb at times, but it's not really for me. Thanks for commenting :)


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