Season's Greetings, Everyone!

Paraglider is flying out tonight, with a view to getting home, snow permitting and courtesy of First Great Western train service, around noon on Christmas Eve. Season's Greetings to all Paranormal regulars and visitors, and if I don't 'see' you through the coming week, best wishes for a happy, healthy and Paranormal 2010.


  1. Yuletide felicitations to you too, and thanks for an entertaining, erudite and eclectic year.


  2. Beautiful photo btw!

    Now have a LOVELY Christmas dear Paraglider!

  3. EOD, Seabee & i* -
    Thanks for dropping by :)
    I'm pleased to say that the journey went as planned, with the snow adding only an hour or so to the train ride.
    And here in Malvern it's the first white Christmas for many years (though not half as white as the Aberdeen branch of the family are experiencing!)
    See you all soon, here or at your place(s)


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