More Orry than Modhesh

So, you've been driving since you were seventeen, but just can't quite get to grips with these huge, octagonal, red-for-danger, bilingual STOP signs. What can they possibly be trying to tell you? Do they want you to turn left, change gear, check your mirror, test the windscreen wipers? It's a mystery, isn't it? And are you supposed to look at the big red bit on top, or is the steel pole carrying the main message? Maybe its straightness is saying drive straight ahead? Well, the days of doubt are done. All across Doha, cheery cartoon police officers have appeared, forefingers upraised, to solve the problem once and for all. Follow the finger, look at the red bit, read the four-letter word, and apply the brakes accordingly.
Come back Orry, all is forgiven. Even bring on Modhesh. But spare us the 2D PCs. Please.


  1. Have you noticed that all of these added "SAFETY" signs, and numerous other advertising signs, are exactly at eye level so they block your view of the oncoming Traffic at roundabouts?? PS: I dont like posting as "ANONYMOUSE" but havent got around to setting up what is required. PaulRB_Doha

  2. Yes, that's right. And they're bad for walkers too, being flat with sharp edges. Doha has a talent for making the pavements (such as they are) hazardous!

  3. Just follow the signboard and ready to brake whenever we see the sign, we will be OK :) and careful while walking on the road- always check the right-left-right-front-back and UP ....Safety First !

  4. Eone - Spoken like a true Dohite ;)


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