Goodbye Muntazah - it's been a ball.

Paraglider has, this weekend, forever abandoned Muntazah (Doha, Qatar) for the greater delights of Bin Mahmoud (Doha, Qatar). And why? Did it have anything to do with the Park being 'closed for maintenance' for four years? ... where 'closed for maintenance' probably means 'if we keep the gates locked long enough people will forget the park exists, then we'll be able to build on it and make money'. Or did it have more to do with the fundamental design fault in the sewerage system that caused it to back up (don't ask!) every few days, if only for an hour or two? Certainly it had nothing to do with the two birds that visited the balcony every day to glean a few more threads from the discarded mop in the corner, straining their every sinew to sever the perished hemp from the wood, before flying off, with their spoils, to their nest in the palms. No. These little ones were welcome guests and I'll miss them. The simple truth is, I liked the place, warts and all, but it was time to move on. I don't need every taxi driver in town knowing where I live, even if it's convenient sometimes. And most of all, I don't want to build an empire. I moved into Muntazah with a suitcase and a guitar. So why am I moving out with two carloads? And that's after a week of shedding superfluities by the daily bagful.
So here's a thing to try.
Every time you walk in through your front door, take stock of what you're carrying. That's goods in. Every time you walk out, take stock again, goods out.
OK. If goods in is greater than (goods out + sewage out) then in time you will fill up the house. And you'll think it's all stuff you need.
Think about it.


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