And the Winner is - "When I, Roger"

Most spam, as most bloggers or webmasters will confirm, is just that - spam. Junk mail with no redeeming features. Most, but not all. Occasionally a gem turns up. This wonderfully convoluted (but perfectly spelt) invocation to puchase pharmaceuticals is well worth a second reading:

The most skilfully situation dedicated to medical goods, here you are your notice most of the drugs that are now on the market. Also, you can occupy oneself with any responses to comprehend the discourse of pharmacies where you can occupy oneself with any responses to harmony your desired offshoot. Where the lowest prices on your desired consequence. Here is the report of the newest drugs, which no greater than plain on the market.
So the regardless on our web purlieus you wishes greet a doctor of your questions. All consultations are conducted anonymously and on touching it no one wishes cognizant of.

Yet, while I wouldn't presume to wish cognizant of, I'd have to give pride of place, this week at least, to Roger's plaintiff tale (with a happy ending):

When I, Roger, went on a vacation and it rained all day, it sucked pretty bad, so now I use (url removed) and they are the best.

What could Dame Edith Sitwell not have fashioned from such perfect raw material? When Sir Beelzebub, indeed.


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