Methought I heard a voice cry, 'Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep!'

The Paranormal Hotel is not a political blog and it is rare for me to comment here on major events. But I think, occasionally, to say nothing is almost akin to complicity, or at least acquiescence, in the face of an outrage. Still, one should take care not to make assumptions and should distinguish fact from opinion. So here are some facts:
The amount of aid routinely allowed through to the Gaza Strip, by Israel, is reckoned, by independent humanitarian agencies, to be about one quarter of what is required. Wholly preventable malnutrition and disease are rife in Gaza.
When intercepted, the flotilla was in International waters. Its intended destination was Gaza, not Israel. Even where a naval blockade is legal, a ship may only be boarded in International waters if there is reason to suspect it is carrying weapons, and particularly WMDs. In all other cases, the ship's flag country (in this case Turkey) must be approached for consent to board. The flotilla was carrying humanitarian aid. The contents of all ships had been verified by the Turkish authorities before setting off. Turkey was (at that time) an ally of Israel. The boarding was therefore illegal.
Lethal force was used against people some of whom appear to have been wielding makeshift non-lethal 'weapons' - chairs and slinghsots have been mentioned. Some commentators have cited the chairs and slingshots in an attempt to justify the use of live ammunition.

Fair warning - what follows is opinion, mine.

What kind of trained commandos were these, who could not control a protest, even a violent protest, without shooting to kill? And not once. Repeatedly. This was murder on the high seas. This was an act of State terrorism.


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