Laughter Factory - Refugee Night in the Library Bar

It happens every month. The Laughter Factory stand-up comedy show comes to the Shehrazad Sports Bar, displacing a large clutch of regulars, who then turn up as refugees in the normally peaceful Library. Poor lost souls, they stand out like sprained toes in the more civilised environment, shouting at each other from habit (Shehrazad is noisy), chain smoking (Shehrazad is foggy) and in some cases staring vacantly at the walls, unable to comprehend the absence of TV screens showing football. Guys, it's called The Library Bar. Does that not tell you something?


  1. I wish the habitues of the original "paranormal" would have understood the literalism of showing football on tv screens, whilst standing with a pint in hand! ;-)

  2. Hi Rupert - we dealt with football in the paranormal in the early days. The girls didn't like it either!


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