Possible Peremptory Paranormal Privation?

A friend tells me by email that the Paranormal Jockey's Pub is temporarily(?) closed. He too is out of the country and has no more information available. As this is an Important Matter, I thought I'd conduct my own investigation, by texting a couple of numbers that happened to be lodged in my mobile. My first respondent, from China, seemed a little vague: hello darling i do not bar when time open i miss u x x. Nevertheless, it appears to confirm bar closure. My second, from Kyrgyzstan, was a little more informative: hi honey yes closed 1 week ago. too much problems with the girl and the drunk man bollox. I should point out that Carina frequently appends bollox as an expletive, so a comma after drunk man may be safely assumed.
So, it would appear that the Para is under some form of closure order, but of what duration, I still don't know. If anyone on the spot can fill in the details, please post a comment.

Postscript: The closure was short-lived. Normal service was restored after a week. I do wonder, however, if a certain silver haired Scottish gentleman who hasn't missed a day's Paranormal attendance in living memory will have been irrevocably traumatised by these tragic events.


  1. Hi, a few of the other regulars tell me that the reason for the closure is not to do with the clientele, their behaviour, or any financial transactions that may be arranged there. Rather, the story goes, is that the govt has asked for a staggering 2M Dhs in municipality fees, and the owner has refused to pay. Seems likely, since other 'encounter establishments' still thrive. We can only hope that everyone sees sense.. but in the ME? Who knows?

  2. Ah, thanks - that makes a lot of sense. After all, it's hard to imagine any new behavioural excesses that haven't already been exhibited and tacitly ignored over the past several years.
    If you find out more, or if it magically reopens, please let us know.

  3. The word on the street (or at least, in the Astoria) is that the Panorama will reopen this coming weekend. A notice inside the door says reopening soon after renovations. Whether things will be as before remains to be seen...

  4. That's hopeful. Please update us when/if it happens. Thanks for posting :)

  5. Worth noting for those wishing to visit that certain extra-curricular activities are now currently frowned upon, and that gentlemen not in their workday uniforms have helped some of the Asian regulars to return home rather sooner than anticipated. Caveat Emptor.

  6. Interesting - thanks, Anon. I've not been there for a while (too long a walk from Qatar) but will be passing through sometime this side of Christmas. At least the place is still open :)


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