The Robber Barons are Alive and Well

Last week I had occasion to transfer a sum of money to Malaysia from my bank in Dubai. Because of a small inaccuracy in the beneficiary's details, that transaction was cancelled and my account was re-credited, minus AED 1,500. That's more than 250 quid in real money! I've complained of course but so far had no response. I'd expect to be charged something for a failed transaction, maybe as much as 150 Dirhams, but 1,500? Surely that's taking the P by any standards? It's not as if an intrepid motorbike dispatch rider had carried my money all the way to Kuala Lumpur only to be foiled by a locked and bolted door with a painted sign- Gone Away. No, all that happened was a couple of numbers changed on a spreadsheet, an electronic handshake failed and the numbers were changed back. But not all the way back. I wish I could make money that easily.


  1. Maybe a Horribly Suspect Bunch of Cretins, but it wouldn't be fair to name and shame, would it ;)

  2. Really it sound very bad an electronic handshake failed. I also wish you could make your money back.Good Luck!!!

  3. Very Bad, But Good Luck For Net Time

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