The Bar at City Centre

When a new bar opens in Doha it's always a noteworthy event because we're still hardly spoiled for choice. The Marriott Courtyard hotel with its Champions sports bar isn't exactly new; it probably opened about six months ago. But lots of people still haven't cottoned on to its most appealing feature: it connects directly with City Centre shopping mall, without having to step outside. That's almost a bar in a mall, a first for Doha.
And it's not a bad bar. I'm not a sports bar fan, for which read: I don't like football. But the place is fresh and clean, if a bit garish, and the happy hour prices good (five till seven). The staff are friendly and the choice and quality of bar food is above average. Best of all, it's an escape from wall to wall overpriced 'designer' tat.
To find this haven, walk to the food court area and follow the overhead signs to 'Courtyard'. No of course there are no signs to 'Bar'. This is Doha, remember?


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