The Great Sheep Question

A prize to the first non-Arabic speaker who correctly deciphers this sign. This year, in Qatar, we've been entertained to a campaign of public health posters in black on yellow, all featuring a little outraged guy waving his arms in despair. The injunctions range from not spitting in public places to checking sell-by dates in supermarkets, always followed by the rather sinister 'We all see you. You are not alone!'  But what can this sheep message be about? Do not eat the wool. Always peel before eating! No? Please have a guess. I'll publish the English language version soon.


  1. My guess is that it's something to do with taking your Eid sacrifice to a licences abbatoir and not attempting amateur slaughter in your kitchen.

  2. * "licensed". Although "Peel before eating" has a certain curious charm.

  3. Hi GG - Pretty accurate. The English language version read "Do not slaughter animals outside the slaughterhouse". But it still happens, in spite of the warnings.

  4. Replies
    1. Uouo Uo

      I don't read Arabic, but Google Translate renders this as "May Allah reward", so, thank you.

  5. WTF guys stop these stupid replies
    it says to not kill sheeps at home or anywhere else except the places are made for it
    they call it (maqsab)


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