Without Prejudice

Paraglider was still musing on how long it had taken the ants (near the cash point) to rebuild their walkway after the last sandstorm, as he stepped from the sunshine into Paranormal, then sharp left into Chalky's, darkness and temporary blindness. For the unwary, this is a dangerous two minutes and it's best not to speak till the eyes recover. From somewhere on the left - Me, I come from the US, Doll. Pennsylvania. Ever heard of it? Clearly a Broadcaster. From somewhere closer - Hello, what you name? From straight ahead - Sir? (a welcome voice). - Pint of Stella, please. And as the fog lifts, the Broadcaster is seen to be wearing shorts and hiking boots with socks, and has started shouting about camel toes. Beam me up, Scottie.


  1. The ants need to get a makeover before rebuilding their walkway.

    On another point, such a shame there is no mention of a half-decent Queen Ant in this episode.

  2. Ah, but this was a very short episode, largely in darkness. At least it was an episode, after a dry spell!

  3. Actually didn't seem like a short episode, only that there was a little darkness in it. And that coupled with some dude in white sox and hiking boots makes for a worrying read.

    Friday the f*ing 13th. Personally, my first ever unlucky one.

    How's Aussie, time for the hairdressers' yet or is he growing his nearly-there mane?

  4. He's safe home Aus now, and much missed as a drinking buddy.

    Hey, I notice you tagged me in a post in one of your other blogs, but I have no idea at all what tagging means. So I haven't done anything about it!

  5. Oh..Aussie's gone back down under? Shame, he looked like a cute bald-head.

    Well, when I was tagged I also had no clue about it! It's something that started as a kind of "web" on blogworld with the same tagline "5 things you didn't know about me" that bloggers, when tagged, answer in a post, then "tag" another 5, usually within the same post. I looked it up on the Internet to find out what it meant .. and it took me ages to write the post and get back and choose people to tag!

  6. hahaha..'shouting about cameltoes'..thats a great one!

  7. Greetings Malgani - how was Bahrain?


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