Watch the Birdies

It isn't every day that the car you're asked to review turns out to be a metallic blue Bentley Continental GTC. Such a car is as much at home in a photoshoot as on a country lane, so Doug, never one to miss an opportunity, drove it straight to Bur Dubai's number one night-spot. Doug's preference has always leaned towards Uzbekistan, with Kyrgyzstan a close second, so it wasn't long before Chalky's Bar had emptied these nationalities onto the street to form a neat, orderly queue for their chance to sit behind the wheel. And though Doug kept the keys securely pocketed throughout the proceedings, there were smiles all round as poses were struck and pictures taken, many of which will already be brightening otherwise dingy bedroom walls in Bishkek. Security, as a reward for keeping onlookers at arm's length, had his own moment of glory before Doug drove off, alone.


  1. Well, that's a real shame, that Doug rode off without a companion from Bishkek, wherever that is.

    Esp in that car, that he drove all the way to Bur Dubai.

    Those cuties that Doug turned away, it was the dude that got the cash.

    In this man's world, the men earn, to have the women and turn them away.

    What a lovely man's world women live in

  2. Oh, I think maybe he just had to take the car back to the showroom!

  3. I like the fluid narrative style and the detached cynicism with which you seem to look at life's little dramas.

    I think Doug quite nice to give the ladies who hail from Bishkek their little moment of glory to boast to their folks about. No doubt he will receive plenty of gratitude .. ;)

  4. Hi Cinderella - thanks for dropping by! Doug (real names withheld!) is an 'old school' gentleman, with a voice like polished mahogany.

    And you're right. Nothing gets taken too seriously here :)


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