Salaam Pardner!

Driving from Doha airport into the city centre, visitors can hardly fail to notice the huge full length likeness of the Emir himself, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, with his arm upraised in welcome. This is a model of hospitality that many cities would do well to copy. Making no comparisons, Las Vegas, having no Emir, can only offer Vegas Vic, the fifty foot neon cowboy. Vic's arm used to wave a welcome, and he used to roar "Howdy Pardner" at passers-by, but the mechanism and the voice are no more. Perhaps there is an opportunity for his Highness here? Howdy Habibi!


  1. Welcome, you, wherever you are...and you had better welcome me wherever I choose to settle!

    Even if it is in the mighty Hebrides ;)

  2. ooooh I would love to be in a small cottage somewhere in the Scottish mountains now...

  3. Greetings, and thanks for all the visits. I seem to have lost a few regulars along the way, but that's my own fault for going to Doha and subsequent long silences.

  4. Now that you brought it up, you ought to deserve a whole load of are one in a million...I guess I'm not unknown for compliments...

    I have no idea what it takes for one to become "known" in the blogworld.

    Guess commenting on "like-minded" blogs helps...somehow, those interested in your comments click on your blog.

    Apart from that, as far as I know, of late, is that a certain "Mr" has taken to commenting on "political" posts - for better, or for worse...

    This might help increase "blog-interest"

    Unfortunately, raising political opinions raises more foes than friends, of course, depending on which way one slants...

    Good luck in your new(ish) endeavours and don't forget me: don't let politics keep us apart. I care about it in my heart, & esp when it comes to "blog friendship"


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