With Deep Foreboding

As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches there is the usual rumourmongering among the regulars. This year they're going to clamp down. All the bars will be closed. Or, This year they're going to relax. The bars will be open as normal. This year, of course will be just like last year, in the Paranormal. Closed through the daylight hours, open at seven, background music only and a table placed in the middle of the dance floor as a token bastion against frivolity. Perish the thought. Three pints of Stella and a deep and meaningful conversation with Helga. It's not such a hard life. In Qatar, every bar is closed for the whole month. There, the rumour is They're going to refurbish the Stufital during Ramadan. This is worrying. Not that it doesn't need an overhaul, but Ramadan is no time for project work. Nothing gets done. Still less in Qatar.


  1. And wot about all those rugger buggers possibly without a yellow liquid in hand watching the World Cup at the local brewery? :P

  2. In Qatar, even the rugby club is closed throughout Ramadan :)

  3. I remember being in Billy Blues a few years ago when they couldn't quite decide what on earth they were supposed to do, so we were refused a drink but there was music and then they gave us the beer but turned off the music and then we had beer AND music...

  4. Hi Alexander - Billie Blues in Rydges, yes? Not been there for a long time. The Qatar Rydges has an Aussie Legends like the Dubai one, but lesser. Have a good Ramadan!

  5. For goodness' sake, you style watchers: Rydges is known for its roundabout, not for its hangouts! On which earth have I been hanging out?!

    On the paraglider planet? Only in imaginary terms!

    May England win the Rugby, though last I heard, Wilkie had a sprained foot. Gulf News is certainly not keeping me updated. Innit.

  6. Yes, the roundabouts that take about 20 minutes to cross on foot. Nice fountain though. Rydges also has a small Edwardian-style 'snug bar' tucked away on the ground floor.


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