But is it Art?

Paraglider welcomes the editors and readers of The Chimaera to the Paranormal Hotel. Grab a bar stool, have a beer on the house, sit back and be entertained. By all means, sign the visitors' book (unless you don't care to be seen here!) You won't want long for agreeable company.
Note to Helga - These people have come to the Paranormal in search of Art. Be gentle with them. For some, this is their first taste of the Middle East. Speak slowly, and of things ethereal, for at least the first thirty seconds.


  1. Hi paraglider, with ref to your post on the UAE Comm blog, I tried to go to the "inaugral issue" by clicking on the link you provided, then going to this link: http://www.shitcreekreview.com/issue3/II/ which is supposedly the "first issue" and could not find your writing there.

    I then went to the 2nd issue by clicking on the link above and came accross an "Icarus" post.

    Then I came accross this link:


    And I'm still not sure where your writing is. Could you please provide a link?

  2. It's not at Shit Creek Review (though I have some stuff there too). It's at www.the-chimaera.com When you get there, click on 'current issue', just under the lion beast. I'm in the ex-pats poets area. Thanks for trying!

  3. Found it, at last.

    Good stuff!

    On another note, why does it seem loads of people read your blog and don't comment?

    I, for one, have really improved my English skills by reading your posts.

    I would encourage any shy readers to go forth and comment, for I am sure they appreciate your writing as much as I do.

    It takes a certain amount of bravery to speak ones mind when confronting a paraglider post: in the end, it doesn't hurt. :)

  4. Thanks i*
    I did have a few fairly regular commentators here for a while - Emperor & Malgani come to mind - but I think no-one wanted to follow me to Qatar which is quite understandable!

  5. Hello Paraglider.. I came back to Cinderella after a while, and I stopped over at your blog, hoping to be entertained with more of your witty prose and poetry, but alas, it looks like you too have taken leave from blog world...

  6. Hi Cinderella -
    Thanks for the message and the reminder that I've been too quiet of late! I'll try to address that this week :-)

  7. Not the first time to ME for this Chimaeric editor, Paraglider: here I am at the Tree of Life in Bahrain--hope to go back to Bahrain soon and maybe even work there teaching as some stage!

  8. Ah, Caratacus - If you'd consider Qatar (for your teaching) I have some contacts (no promises of course, but let me know). My unaccustomed quietude has much to do with the first anniversary of my son's death in his motorbike accident. We move on, with an ache, but we move on. Thank you for visiting! You, i*maginate and Cinderella - you keep me going :-)

  9. Hi Paraglider

    I was in Dubai in August which I enjoyed and had a paranormal experience on numerous occasions which was fun. I have just come back from a recent stint in Pattaya. Although it had all the needs a man wants (golf and women) for me anyway. I felt compared to Dubai it had something missing. Therefore I will stick to what I know and that looks like DXB with Helga and her clan.

  10. And Emperor too - welcome back - this is almost like old times! Must write - must write . . .

  11. paraglider, sorry to hear about your son. May he rest in peace.

    See you soon! ;)

  12. Hi Paraglider

    Sorry about the loss of your son and hope you are well.

    Take care and when I am in Dubai have to meet for a pint.


  13. Emperor - indeed we will! My preference is a quiet one in 4-Pints Charlatan before sampling the joys of Paranormal . .

  14. I got sent the link to your site from another of the "Chalky's" originals. As one ex encumbent off the Scottish Table I had to snigger at the fact that in three years things have not changed....

    I've bookmarked this site and hope you do a special on "Goofy" the GM and his famous interviewing techniques!

  15. Dilligaf -
    Thanks for visiting! As you're an old Paranormal regular, I'm giving you a link to your Indonesian site.
    Goofy - he's the Cardigan Man. See this post.


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