No Mean Milestone

5,000 visits (in total) hardly compares with conquering Everest. In fact, it's scarce a mountain at all - maybe a Corbett, assuredly not a Munro. Ah, but in these flat desert lands, may we not value all the more every slight gradient, and savour with sharpened gratitude every small summit? And if we start our journey in such humble surroundings as Chalky's Bar, in the honest if shadowy company of Helga and her Chickens, with no higher ambition than to return there at the end of the day, are we to be blamed for basking briefly in our small achievement? May we all know peace as this year ends. And may we journey together for a year or two more.


  1. I hadn't visited your blog in a while, and had drafted a response to this post to revisit it, just in case it didn't make sense...lo' and behold, it was far too long and nonsensical.

    The main gist of it was that for once, I think I deciphered the "code" of your post upon first reading.

    From what I understand, the post carries a slightly negative undertone, concluding positively.

    Clever, if I may say. How do you do it? That's your secret ;-) hehe.

    Inspiring, if anything: not only the writing, but the tale, and what I interpret to be the 'resolve' of the writer. :)

  2. Thanks i*maginate. I've been pretty quiet lately, for all sorts of reasons, but I intend to kick a bit more life into the Parnormal in the year ahead. Hope you don't mind me 'borrowing' your jpeg for your New Year greeting!

  3. Good to hear we'll be reading more from you Paraglider! Bridget likes your style!

  4. Thanks Bridget. How come your profile doesn't link to your Diary? Playing hard to get?

  5. Something like that ha! ;) Nah, just got a tad weary of blog stalkers and wanted some privacy.

    You, however, would be a welcome visitor if you'd like access to Bridget's diary (I'd need your e-mail id to send you a read invite)

  6. Paracetamol: a wee tip on how to get more hits. Post more stuff!

  7. Great idea K. Send me some time and I'll post more columns!


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