Princesses & Emperors

At the turn of the year, it's normal to look back and take stock. It has been my privilege through 2007 to paraglide with the Emperor and the Desperate Princess. Readers come and go and all are welcome, but you two have been by far the most regular. One is quite a public figure, through blogging; the other far less visible. Maybe 2008 is the year the three of us will share a drink in the 4-pints Charlatan. Or maybe not. Happy New Year, Princess & Emperor - have a great one. Helga is proud of you!


  1. and a very happy new year fay the jocky table at the paranormal


    did ye see what the big lass was wearin' tonight!

  2. {did ye see what the big lass was wearin' tonight!}

    No, I missed that pleasure - I'm back in UK for a few weeks.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I think I must know Barkin, but I'm sure he's not from Wishaw...

    Added your link to my drivel...

  4. Saw your note on the UAE blog, made me come over.

    Very nice of you, having a special word for your regulars. It inspires Bridget, she'll do the same! :-)

    Have a great New Year Paraglider, wish you one that's full of happy gliding ha! ;)

  5. Dilligaf - I think none of that group are Wishaw. Ayr, Glasgow, Troon and a Teuchter or two. And the bunnet-man's now in Qatar, still carrying his Paranormal membership card!

  6. Bridget - always glad to inspire - happy New Year to you too.

  7. Happy New Year to all at the Paranormal and those that have left, been deported, jailed or simply just passed away.

    Keep up the good work Paraglider, Chalkies is undoubtably an institution in more ways than one.

  8. Paraplegic - what makes me think that this url is finally being passed around some of the Para regular customers . . . good!

    Wonder when the staff will find it? Then I'd either get a free drink or get barred!

  9. Whit, I thought Bunnet Man must have been arrested by now!

    I remember on Friday Lunchtimes we used to have a lottery to find out what time he would be blootered by...never made it past 2:30pm

    I know the Ayrshire, Troonie and the Glasgow.... Wishaw had me confused!

  10. Wishaw was just poetic licence. I was searching for where the devil said goodnight. Come to think of it, Motherwell or Blackhill would have served as well.

  11. My dear paraglider, I am more than flattered - thanks for your kind words and good wishes! It was so nice to see this post in the NY.

    A very Happy New Year to you as well, and to your other readers.

    On another point, the troll that commented a few posts above obviously got lost in the Highlands and came into contact with the Loch Ness Monster - his/her hallucinations were perhaps brought on by a bout of Glenfiddich in pint glasses.

    paraglider, how's Q and what's the brew down under?

  12. i*maginate - most welcome! I'm mid-wintering in UK for a few weeks more, but heading back to Qatar soon, for another year, at least.

  13. The Bunnet man is alive and well in Qatar. It's no easy drinking beer that isnae wattered doon!

    As fur Wishaw....Wishaw yees a happy new year.

  14. {Wishaw yees a happy new year.}

    Here's tae us
    Wha's like us?
    Ne'er a yin
    An' they're a' deid!

    - Grandparaglider (since 4 a.m. today!)

  15. Congratulations!!!

    I would like to wish young "parachute" a long and healthy life.

  16. Thanks mate! I'll make sure her parents keep her well away from the Paranormal for at least 20 years ;)

  17. Some may be most intrigued by a Scot-recommended beverage: declined to orange-coloured malts; perhaps you Scot-lovers could recommend other liquids that can peacefully oblige with sensitive tastes.

  18. I just realised 01-01-07 was when me and an ex-friend met. We parted with the understanding we would always remember 01-01 was when we met. Alas, I forgot - with no regrets. 1.5 months later, I reminisce like an old lady: those were just memories. I have a whole life that awaits me in 250 pubs across the hemisphere: whether southern or northern remains to be told...! :)


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