Beer & Chimneys

It's a pub. It's made of stone and brick and has a tiled pitched roof. This one is called the Cavalry Arms and has a sign to prove it. It has chimneys - remember those? Local people and visitors are allowed to go into it, wearing whatever they please. There is no door policy. It does not close on public holidays. It sells beer, not just lager or 'creamflow'. It is not on the 23rd floor of a 5-star hotel. You can build a pub without driving piles or pumping concrete. Just remember to start 200 years ago.


  1. Wow! I recognise this place - I think it's either in Karama or Satwa. The picture must have been taken on one of those lovely Spring days, judging by the fine weather...

    I just don't understand the premises needs a chimney when it can do with central A/C!

    "Local people and visitors are allowed to go into it, wearing whatever they please."

    White bedsheets and Italian-made 2-inch sandals?

    "no door policy"

    gotta be joking. The wasta system always applies, even in mud huts such as the one pictured.

    I like the sound of this place, but I can't see there's two parking spots for me to bark my land croozer!

  2. It needs a chimney because it has an open fire. I'm sure I'd like this place to be it Satwa or Karama, but it's much older than that, and is in fact in Worcestershire. This could explain the watery sky too :)

  3. *paraglider, I assure you this spot rests in Karama/Satwa.

    Just look at the chimney. It's the southern way of saying "look, instead of saving on cooling, we heat!"

  4. Oh well, whatever you've seen in Satwa or Karama, I'm willing to bet it's not a pub!

  5. hmm...perhaps you may be right.

    But I'm really confused: I could swear there was some kind of aromatic smoke coming out of those Satwa/Karama huts...;-)

  6. Helga is no longer with us.

    As of yesterday she left Chalkies and moved on.....

    This has been going on for some 2 weeks... acording to the ladies that know.

    My thoughts are with her family and friends...

    a dark day indeed......

  7. A dark day indeed, re: Helga.

    Can we please have some detail in the light of this situation.

    (I hope I didn't miss any joke)

  8. Paraphrase - thanks for keeping us informed. It is sad indeed that one of these ladies passed away, even though it transpires that it was not Helga after all.

  9. "even though it transpires that it was not Helga after all."

    News, please. Check above writings.

  10. Paraphrase told me there had been a miscommunication, and named the unfortunate lady who passed away. But as she is not someone I know personally, I decided not to display the name here. It wouldn't seem appropriate. That's all, really.

  11. Glad Helga is ok and sad about the other lady.

    I like the revised blog description ;-)

  12. Maybe it was a paranormal experience... but I saw Helga there last night, large as life and with even more on display than usual.


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