Prophet Earring

A long time ago, Paraglider found an Apostle teaspoon on a family picnic at Tairlaw Lynn. Later, by demonstrating that there were now fourteen such spoons in the house, and two Johns, he was finally believed not to have brought it with him in his pocket. Some things come to pass, sadly. A mere three posts ago, we hinted that the Oddmiral Plaza might not exist - now we learn that it no longer does. Shame. Six posts ago, we compared the Qatar Emir's vast likeness with Vegas Vic, the 40-foot neon cowboy (howdy habibi!) Far be it from me to suggest that his Highness reads the Paranormal blog, but the fact remains, his image no longer welcomes visitors along the Airport Road. Are we influencing events here? Surely not. But just in case, maybe we should go back to our roots and just talk about the girls clustering round the central pillar. Like Victoria - an impossible blend of heels, hair and dangling earrings, whose legs are just too slim to accommodate knees. But that's OK. She bends above the boots.


  1. Oh that unique brand of 'gentle' sarcasm!Keep it coming Paranormal, Bridget likes ha! :)

  2. Gentle is good - it avoids flame wars!

  3. Having had the pleasure of visiting Chalky's during the Xmas period, and having noted a response from the (less than) RESERVED table at the front of the bar I would like to pose a question.

    You've had an interesting collection of characters over the years, some loud, some funny, most mad. Where on earth did you recruit "Geordie Shoe Size", living proof that an IQ similar to the size of your foot does not prevent your heart from beating even if the brain does not function. Come on assorted Jocks, there is no need to recruit from South of the border..........

  4. LOL paraglider, you are terrible!

    So what's become of the Oddmiral Plaza? In all honesty, I have no idea where the Paranormal may lie (or have been) but I thought of taking a snap whilst stuck in Karama traffic of the place I thought it might have been - around the "All-scot" Hotel, just behind Burjuman. Alas, it was not feasible to take a snap as the camel stick being waved in front of me by the driver hindered the possibility of a good shot.

    So, the secret location of the Paranormal may not, indeed, be in the "All-scot" hotel (palm trees decorate its exterior) because I found the crystal chandeliers quite non-characteristic of what might be the real Paranormal.

    There you go: I was (oddly enough) unable to ask for directions to the Paranormal and headed, with my camel-stick waving friend, out into the unknown Helga-free establishments of Dubai.

    Thanks for the tip, though.

  5. Paraplegic - Paraglider is not a spokesman for the Scottish Table, in fact, when in the bar, I rarely sit there, though I'm on nodding acquaintance terms with most of them (or was before Qatarising). One of the table regulars might answer your question. But let's not get personal. The Para blog isn't a place for slagging folk off, ok?

  6. i*maginate - you still don't know where to find Paranormal? It's on Al Mankhool Road, just past Al Khaleej Centre, on the right hand side (walking out from Bur Dubai). And it still looks like the small photo on my front page. It sounds as though you were in Bank Street traffic. The Oddmiral Plaza hotel is still there, but apparently the bar is now a computer shop. I haven't seen this for myself, but our friend the Emperor broke the sad news.

  7. OK, OK! Yes, the street I was stuck in must have been Bank St! Gosh, my geography in that area is abysmal - I wonder why?

    I have now memorised the directions (turn right @ Khaleej and look for hotel resembling blog pic) - the only way I can reach there is by re-appointing my camel stick-waving friend to re-negotiate his way through the Bank St. traffic.

    Thanks, paraglider!

    If I ever make it past the bouncers, I will definitely take a few snaps or two to prove *I was at the Paranormal*.

    I hope that will be some time soon, but I do need a big, fat muscly guy to accompany me, and I doubt the camel stick friend of mine fits that profile, but who knows...

    If camels eat goat, I might be able to provide a swift remedy, what with the goat friends I have.

  8. - paraplegic....& Your point is ??

  9. Paraglider: funny how things come and go is it not? The Oddmiral Plaza building stood empty for the first three or four years of its life. And then found a tenant. I think it was always a venue on the verge of failure. The Paranormal, on the other hand, is a completely different story! Love yer blog.

  10. Keefieboy - thanks for visiting. The main concern with the Para is how long the rotten concrete can stand the vibration from the first floor discos. And great will be the fall of it . . .


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