It is always a pleasure to have some good news to report and, while this is not Earth-shattering, in the context of the Little World of the Paranormal Hotel blog, it may surely have fruitful consequences. After an absence of nearly a year, Paraglider is once again the proud owner of a return ticket to Dubai. Part of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent reabsorbing the glorious ambience of Chalky's Bar and recharging the fund of anecdote fodder for the weeks ahead. Good things come to those who wait, even in Qatar.


  1. A year's absence?

    Wednesday departure?

    Gossip due.

    (Still haven't made it south of the Creek for pleasure, though I try...not!)

    Q Airport has some fantastic duty-free, last time I heard. Whether they offer free return tickets to Dubai upon arrival, dunno.

  2. I mean a year's absence (almost) from the real Paranormal, not from the blog! I've got a couple of days work in Dubai next week, then back to Doha, unfortunately.

  3. It was with great sadness that I learnt of the recent passing of DJ Andy Hicks. A true gent, Andy provided us with countless hours of entertainment both behind the decks & in front of the bar. I raise my glass.. "Here's to you Hicksy, a 'platinum' amongst the vinyls"

  4. That is a great shame. Thanks for passing on the news here.

  5. Paraglider, 'twas what I thought, a year away from your beloved establishment, whether the Paranormal, or Dubai - same thing, I think, spesh since you're far, far away!

    Has it really been almost a year since your last Paranormal visit? A lot of ups and downs seem to have been experienced in the time prevailing.

    I hope you are enjoying your time in Qatar, and that you find pleasure in your free time.

  6. Yes, near enough a year. But I'm in Dubai today and tomorrow and will be there this evening! Wonder if Helga will be there . .

  7. Hehe - I don't know whether Helga would be there since I still haven't crossed the Burjuman boundary to locate the Para, and I don't think I will any time soon ;-)

    Btw I thought I should explain why my comments sometimes don't make sense. It's often that I 'save the best for last' and visit your blog at the end of the night, hoping you've posted, and in frustration, I usually blurb some banter which is an entertaining read in the morning :)

    I can't believe I've done two nights in a row without sleeping twice in one week! I need a goooood holiday...

    PS I now officially know of 3 Scots in Dubai and met a lurvely "Scawtish" lady today :) I asked her if there had been a 'murr-durr' lool

  8. Accident, but made it to a now happening or in Royal Ascot. (Why was I the only one who knew directions lol)

    Loud music. Too loud.

    I was near the Para? lol...finally made it

  9. Yes, you were only five minutes walk from the Para. Where was the event - in the Ascot's Irish bar on the left hand side?

  10. Dahling...

    My friends said this 'new club' is around the 'Ascot' so whoop-dee-do-da I gave them directions...turn left at's an ok club...I wouldn't want to go there's called Elegante, I thnink (first, I thought it was Alicante?!)

    What has the world come to?
    It was not fun.

  11. Can't say I know it. I've been buried under a pile of work for a while, but am beginning to see some clear air. Thanks for sticking with me :)

  12. ;-)

    Yes, paraglider, I'm sure I spotted you dancing on the table swigging Moet with your hands up in the air jigging to electrohouse (music)!


  13. I suppose it was the kilt that gave me away . . .

  14. I'm still hoping for a report on how Chalky's has changed in your year's absence... or maybe it hasn't?

  15. It hasn't changed a lot, Anon, but thanks for the poke in the ribs. I'll address the information lapse!


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