No like this Qatar

Clearly scrawled straight from the heart, this choice piece of graffiti must have a sad story behind it. One wonders what poor disaffected soul could have been frustrated enough with his host country (for one assumes he is not a local) to throw caution to the winds and vent his frustration on a defenseless concrete wall. A grey concrete wall in a hot, dusty city. A hot dusty city that doesn't allow its immigrant workers into its shopping malls, or even to walk on the Corniche. I can't understand it at all...


  1. I always used to smile flying out of Dhahran International Airport. Not, you understand, because I was leaving ze Kingdom, but because some homesick wag had abused his role as a filler-in of holes in the runway with bitumen to write SRI LANKA in letters 6 feet high across the tarmac.

    It just tickled me...

  2. Alexander - well done, that Sri Lankan! And Chester - hail Filipino! Your people are always welcome here :)

  3. "I can't understand it at all"



  4. i* - then it will have to remain one of life's mysteries! Thanks for the visit :)


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