Mr Gumbo Jumbo PBUH

No doubt he had a crush on Lisa. No doubt it was not reciprocated. We think he was a dentist. Certainly he was a gentleman. And a regular. Occasionally, he would come in wearing a business suit, and once, a paisley pattern jumper. But his normal attire was an immaculate white dishtash, his dancing dress. He would drink bottled Heineken with an ever-widening smile and a sparkle in his crossed eyes, waiting for the band to play his request, the one he thought was called Gumbo Jumbo. Then he'd get up and dance. If Lisa let him have the mic, he'd sing - ya ya gumbo jumbo ya ya yai. He liked being happy, was polite to everyone, died suddenly and will be missed. Mr Gumbo Jumbo, peace be upon him.


  1. A moving and beautiful vignette. Thank you.


  2. EoD - thanks for dropping by. Our friend was just a laid back guy, and not much over 50. Great shame.

  3. Beautiful tribute. I like your style of writing


  4. d.p.s. - Thank you, and welcome to this strange corner of blogdom.

  5. Oops. Well, he jammed to a happy song.

  6. He did indeed, and that should count well for him!

  7. And your magical words do a happy soul proud.


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