Waterloo Sunset GT

For a couple of weeks now one of the Stufital regulars has been asking Paraglider to sing Waterloo Sunset. The excuse of not knowing all the lyrics had worn thin (there aren't very many after all) and last night, after one too many beers, it (the excuse) had finally run its course and the moment had arrived. Unfortunately, said regular made the request indirectly, through Rusty (the band) who proceeded to locate the song on his PC - a high speed drum-filled version that bore little resemblance to the Ray Davies original. Paraglider raced manfully through the first manic verse, wishing he was anywhere else, then decided to take control of the situation. By the simple device of stopping singing, he caused Rusty to stop the crazy backing track. In the ensuing silence, he started the song again, on solo guitar and at a sensible speed, and found the experience quite comfortable and relaxed. Almost like it used to be, before the MIDI invasion, before enhanced Karaoke acts replaced bands. Folk say you can't turn the clock back. But you can. It's easy.


  1. Technology and hard liquor usually does the trick. This must be a really old song - maybe from the 19th Century! The title sounds like one a retired Paul McArtney might do!

  2. Waterloo Sunset - not McCartney but the Kinks (Ray Davis). 20th century though, not 19th! I'd guess about 1969.

  3. :-) Would love to listen to the Kinks some time. Heard of them but not my time - I believe music from the past lends a lot to the future (but I don't like the Beatles).

  4. Lots of variety in the Beatles. They did come up with some very good stuff, but not all of it. The Kinks were rooted in London and far less US-influenced (because they never went there)


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