Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan comes round again, and with it the closing of every bar in Doha. Dubai at least allows evening opening. It's not the lack of alcohol that's the problem. Residents' permits solve that one. But it just makes for a long month when there's nowhere to go on a weekend evening. Yes, there are cafes and shopping malls, good for maybe fifteen and five minutes respectively. But these are hardly places to congregate, still less to hold jam sessions. Restaurants? Good. Let's have a Chateaubriand, medium-rare, with Bernaise sauce, accompanied by braised shalotts, duchesse potatoes and a bottle of what? Coca Cola? I can wait.


  1. There is never a more livelier month than this. You just gotta keep your eyes peeled for where the action is - not that you're necessarily conditioned for that type of atmosphere lol.

  2. Hi i*maginate - In Dubai, yes, there is plenty going on through Ramadan, but Qatar less so. It becomes very quiet here. But that's OK too. And the last few days in Amsterdam & London were far from quiet :)

  3. Yes - the sights there are amazing! :)


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