Not George's Night

George is apparently away for a week, leaving Not George to entertain us all by herself. After a slightly nervous start, she soon began to enjoy herself and so did everyone else. For one thing, without George's massive Korg keyboard filling the stage, she had room to dance. For another, there was no need for her to smile bravely through George's doubtful vocals and interminable sax solos. In fact, Not George came of age last night as a solo bar-star in her own right. If she keeps this up, I'll be forced to learn her name. Did she get me up to sing with her? Maybe. Go girl! And George, don't hurry back.


  1. We've since learned that George didn't go on leave but had to return to the Philippines for medical reasons. Nothing too serious, I hope. Get well soon!

  2. Happy NY, dear paraglider. I remember fondly the NY post on your blog in 2008 and wish you all the best - 2009 sounds gloomy (relatively) on the credit level but no reason why paraglider shouldn't keep hosting the party here.

    Lots of stale ale (not my cup of tea - is it yours?)

    xx i*maginate

  3. And to you too, dear i*maginate. Stale ale I can well do without, but the fresh, that's a different story :)


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