All this and money too?

Something has changed at the Paranormal. Friday afternoon was as of old, if slightly quieter, in line with the slightly quieter nature of the rest of Dubai. Speaking of which, there are taxis there for the hailing again, almost like five years ago. So recession isn't all bad. The girls are having to try harder, which can be mildly irritating, if it leads to cling-on behaviour. If the trend is city-wide, the Astonishing must now be positively dangerous. Come to think of it, it always was. But back to the change - in the evening, there's a man on the door taking money. This is outrageous. Forty dirhams for the privilege of buying beer in a room full of 'ladies'. No need to pay of course, but it's the principle.


  1. Hey!
    Your blog' s title attracted me to look through your post, as for me, it is so strange,

  2. Hi Sanya - I hope you found something to entertain you? New visitors always welcome.


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