About my mother...

Choong's mother is visiting him, from Beijing. His presence in Stufital bar is proof enough that the ban on Chinese doesn't apply to men. But can he bring the old lady (she's 73) in for a quiet drink? Of course your mother is welcome sir! But this raises new questions. The ban can't be simply racist, since Choong is unbanned. And it can't be simply sexist, or there would be no Filipinas allowed. We'd thought it was a simple Boolean AND function: banned if [Chinese AND female]. But Choong's old mama has blown that apart. Maybe the secret algorithm is [Chinese AND female AND NOT old]. Or possibly [Chinese AND female AND fanciable]. Or maybe it's just another example of unthinking reflex reaction. But to what? Such occasional trouble as has occurred in Stufital has never involved the Chinese women. In fact, the most troublesome group is...?


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