The Morgan - what's in a name?

Malvern's old Morgan pub is no more, but the even older Cavalry Arms (which once featured here as a typical example of a real pub) has been refurbished, again, and renamed as 'The Morgan'. Previously, the mid-Malverner had a serious hike up the hill to the Morgan, but an easy roll down after a few beers. In its new incarnation at the foot of the hill, this is of course reversed. It is now easy to roll down the hill to the pub but quite a trek home. Facilis descensus Averni... Not that the Morgan quite equates to the gates of Hades, but how often do you get a better chance to cite Virgil on a blog?
Now, what's so special about the Morgan name that the new owners, Wye Valley brewers, have seen fit to resurrect it? The Morgan is a classic sports car that has been hand built in Malvern since 1913. Far more exclusive (because they make so few!) than any Bentley or Aston Martin, it still comes complete with a timber chassis (finest ashwood), a price tag to match, and a waiting list to die for. Which makes you wonder why there are none in Dubai - yet...


  1. "F.A.B. Thunderbird 2 is loaded with Pod 4. I will arrive at the danger zone in five minutes."

    I can quote Virgil too.

  2. Yes, that works. Whether it's good for 2,500 years remains to be seen ;)


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