Snow, snow, quick-quick snow...

More than two weeks into my annual home visit, and the snow shows no signs of disappearing. With night-time temperatures dropping to -15C, that's hardly surprising. What is surprising is the grip this cold spell has taken. Usually, the only weather that ever manages to take a hold here for more than a couple of weeks at a time is dinge, that Winter special of late dawn, early dusk and nothing in between but grey mist and horizontal rain. This featured throughout both my previous Christmas trips. So, this time, it's been a pleasant change to have some weather to look at and enjoy. Forecasts are that it will continue for at least another ten days.
In case any of my Dubai readers are a little confused by the picture - it's not faked. Snow really can happen outdoors too, with no heavy machinery in sight. And it's almost the same stuff, but clean, and free!
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