The Curse of Mundane Uniformity posing as Sophistication

You know the history. Some sixth sense had told me that the unique mural and decor of Doha Ramada Library Bar might be under threat in the name of Ramadan refurbishment. To preserve its memory for posterity, I photographed and blogged it.

A couple of nights ago, I went to check for myself. My worst fears have been realised. The Library has not yet re-opened for service but the door was unlocked so I stepped inside. The end wall that featured God, Adam, cave-dwellers, the Sphinx and the Pyramids is no more. It has been knocked into the adjoining suite to make space for a larger toilet. The long wall and corner that traced the history of the written word from ancient Rome to the Information Age are entirely obscured by a new plain surface. Even the book-backed bar stools are gone and as for the creeping painted vines that festooned the ceiling, well you know the rest.

Brown and beige, beige and brown - who gives a toss for art or originality? Patently not the Ramada management.


  1. One of the things a teacher said to us at school in prehistoric times was that Ramada Dubai (hotel) had the first stained glass in Dubai. Oh, well finally ventured to that part of town, and just keep admiring from outside.

    Louis Vitton does some great handbags. I prefer simple style and a lot of culture, colour and history.

  2. There's food for thought - can a handbag be great? What's great is that you're still reading my ramblings :)


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