Qatar News Agency bites the dust.

all things... must have an end...
Recognise this building? Qatar News Agency and the several fairly new apartment blocks behind it are just the latest victims of the city-wide orgy of destruction from which the new Doha will rise, Phoenix like, to delight the privileged few who will be able to enjoy it. It's arguable that city reconstruction on this scale has not been seen since Napoleon's Paris. But most of what Napoleon cleared away would probably have fallen down of its own accord, left to its own devices. You can't say the same of these apartments (below). Even the little substation looks fresh out of the box. One can only guess how many smaller dreams, plans and ambitions were dashed by the round of eviction orders that preceded the onslaught. Uncounted small sacrifices for the greater good, perhaps.
...must unto dust be brought


  1. The greater good "perhaps"?
    What do you think?

  2. Hi Richard - though this is a very lightweight blog (intentionally!) I still seem to be one of the very few who are bothering to photograph and chronicle the rapid displacement of 'convivial' Doha by corporate Doha. And I think you know how I feel about that, even if I do illustrate it with pics of chickens!


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