Bluetoothing in the Paranormal - What's the point?

Using Bluetooth, I'd been uploading a few pictures from mobile to laptop and had neglected to switch the service off, when done. Now, no Dubai trip is complete without a visit to the Paranormal, so Friday lunchtime finds me bar-stooled against the central pillar with a switched-on Bluetooth mobile in my pocket. Halfway through my first beer and third 'Whey you flom?' conversation, the mobile starts buzzing for attention. But not a call or sms. This is a Bluetooth approach: 'accept connection from Tiger?' On balance, no. I have it on good authority that tigers can be male or female and there are some avenues I don't need to explore. But my curiosity is aroused. A quick scan of active devices yields at least fifteen, of which twelve are clearly deliberate, meaning that the name is personalised from the default LG GX300 style (mine) to something user-friendly, like li-li, talkme, and even hello.
But why resort to Bluetoothing in Jockey's? In Doha, where clandestinity is clandestine and propriety is paramount (sorry, I'm in one of these moods) hook(er)ing up by Bluetooth in cafes, malls and even on the Corniche is commonplace. But in the Dubai Paranormal, where even the bluntest approach is un-eyelash-battable, why introduce an extra layer of complexity? Unless, of course, it is the modern equivalent of lighthousing.


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