Friday Prayers in Muntazah

Taken from my window this morning, Friday prayer time at the local Muntazah mosque attracts numbers far in excess of the capacity of the old building. My best estimate would be around five hundred worshipers, braving the sun on their backs and the hot tarmac under their prayer mats. I think I'm right in saying that praying in the street is discouraged in Dubai, except in certain designated areas, but it's still the norm in Doha, especially in the older quarters.
Mostly, the men turn up on foot, latecomers at a jog or flat out run. The few who drive just abandon their cars as close as they can get and finish the journey with their pedestrian neighbours. Through traffic just has to wait or find another route. When it's over, mats are rolled up and tucked under arms and the crowd disperses as quickly as it formed. But not in search of a cool beer.
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  1. they still pray on the street, were Al Rafa police station is on funny enough i used to have to wade through the crowd to get to the Astoria on a Friday

  2. Yes I remember that prayer crowd too. And I remember wondering how many of them were also members of the crowd that used to hang about Astoria around the 4pm chuck-out, to lech at the girls leaving.


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