On pots and kettles

So Bahrain has withdrawn its ambassador from Syria in protest against heavy handed tactics by the regime in dealing with protesters.
What's Arabic for 'irony', please?


  1. Seriously!
    I just watched the Al Jazeera dcumentary on Bahrain. Powerful. Linking here http://m.youtube.com/#/profile?desktop_uri=%2Fuser%2FAlJazeeraEnglish&sort=p&channel_id=0&livestreaming_tutorial=False&ytsession=%7B%7D&start=0&user=AlJazeeraEnglish&autoplay=True&gl=US&v=xaTKDMYOBOU

  2. Hi unJane - I've seen the 'Shouting in the Dark' documentary. It is very powerful and needed to be made and aired.
    The Bahrain regime were relying on invisibility compared with the press coverage of the bigger stories in Libya and Syria. Now it's in the open.


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