Would you like some Music with your Girl?

The mid-Ramadan escape to Dubai went well, though I'd have to say that Doha's climate, this year at least, is far kinder. What's with this humidity game? Even the short walk from CityMax to the Paranormal was something of an ordeal. Once inside Jockey's though, all was good. Prices (of the beer!) have gone up a bit but, at 23 dirhams, are still two thirds of Doha's cheapest. Not a lot else was different. Nothing, in fact. Silent Ten Sports cricket in visual competition with silent Sky News. The girls in mutual competition for attention; the waitresses in mutual competition to avoid it. I seem to remember it's in the Imperial Suites where the bar waitresses are on commission, so they positively hover at your elbow when your glass is approaching the low tide mark. Unnerving, until you realise why they are doing it, when it becomes almost Pavlovian in its potential for harmless devilment.
But back to Jockey's. Its token gesture to Ramadan, apart from the mandatory reduced opening hours, is the total lack of music. There has to be some logic behind this, but it escapes me. If so inclined, you can have a drink, smoke, chat up and even take home a bar girl. You just can't do it to music in the holy month. Odd, that.


  1. Wow, you devilishly sophisticated cavalier, you do "chat up"?

  2. Chat up , i would have used the term negotiation , but than again i am lacking in romance.

  3. Now, gentlemen, in employing the second person, I was merely pointing out possibilities, for the benefit of first time visitors.
    I don't smoke either ;)


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