Origami and the Shape of Things to come

A couple of nights ago, we ended up making paper artefacts from pages torn from a small notepad graciously provided, free of charge, by the Ramada Library bar staff. The word origami was being loosely tossed around, but it's doubtful if any of our offerings really merited the description. We had two sampans, one of which more resembled a soap dish, a suit of clothes (or was it a headless dwarf?), an inflated water bomb and a free-form rose (rolled, not folded, if you please). This was a truly international outburst of creativity, with contributions from Australia, China, Scotland, Wales and Tenerife. Apparently the Library is to close early in the New Year while they replace the opaque windows with a novel see-through variety, and overhaul the air handling system. I'll keep you posted. And not just the Library. The Paranormal Hotel blog will complete December in its present form but start the new year wholly transformed, into. . .


  1. I used to love doing origami, alas my folds never seemed to get exactly right :(

  2. Yes, it's fun, but tricky when you go for the more intricate stuff.


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