Welcome to PARAPLEXED, formerly 'The Paranormal Hotel' and originally 'Helga's Chickens'

Which is, of course, a ridiculous title for a blog. Some history, none of it important (but it is the week between Christmas and New Year): Helga's Chickens was my first Dubai blog. Well, more of a Bur Dubai blog and one that never ventured far beyond Mankhool Road. When all's said and done, chickens don't stray far from the nest, or the yard, more like (unless offered a lift in a quality motor). After a year which saw Helga's slow eclipse by the Moon of China (great stuff this Chivas!) the name changed to The Paranormal Hotel, at once less personal yet more geographically specific. Jings. There was a time (three years ago) when a second blog arose from Helga's ashes, this time called 'Paraplexed'. But it proved too difficult to keep two going in parallel, so Paraplexed was killed off within a year.
And now it's back. It was time for a change. I hope my regular followers will not desert the enterprise. Because whatever else it may be, it is not a sinking ship. It's barely a coracle. Happy New Year, everyone - especially you :)


  1. Truly looking forward to updates, has DubaiMetro come into play for chicken transportation?

  2. Hi Rupert - not to my knowledge. The nearest station is a bit far to walk on 6-inch heels! Maybe when the station at Mustafawi corner (Bank St) finally opens that will change. It'll be even handier for the York and upstairs at the Regal of course...

  3. At least I don't have to (yet) update my link on ma blog because somehow you managed to have a redirect to this blog. If I want to find you, now I just need to type into google 'paraplexed chicken paranormal'. Isn't that fabulous? Just like the New Year.
    Ciao for now and take a safety helmet next time you cross into the district of Bur Dubai.

  4. Hi i*maginate - only the name has changed (and the look, of course). The url is still the same. You were around when the previous paraplexed came and went. Always a most welcome visitor :)

  5. I really love the layout and it is very well organised and easy to navigate - easy on the eye. Congrats! Oh, and LOVE the name, it's just amazing! Though I can only remember chicken, paraplexed and paranormal, luckily in no particular order. Ciao again. I think you can tell I'm a big fan LOOL!!

  6. Now all that remains is to think up ideas for new posts!


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