Alan A and the SoundSations at Doha Krossroads

In an earlier post I mentioned that Alan A and at least some of his band had moved from Dubai to Qatar following the closure of the Rattlesnake and were soon to take up a residency in a new Doha venue. The venue in question, as I found out last night, is the Krossroads club in the Horizon Manor hotel. Alan has brought the entire SoundSations band with him. The club and especially the stage is really not big enough for seven musicians (drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, Alan and two girl singers) but this is apparently an interim measure as the hotel is creating a much bigger nightspot on the 14th floor. In spite of the cramped conditions, the guys delivered their usual high standard through four sets (of which I heard two). Certainly they have raised the bar well beyond the reach of any band I've seen in Doha since Boggs and the girls left three years ago. Krossroads is a members' club, but as a year's membership costs all of thirty riyals this is no major barrier to a good night out. Give it a go?


  1. Michael Hegarty30 June 2012 at 04:50

    Totally agree. They have gone from being the best band in Dubai to the best band in Doha and there will never be a stage big enough for them!

  2. Michael - I went to see them again on Thursday night. another of Alan's skills is recruiting quality girls singers. His present two are as good as any down the years (I've been seeing them for nearly ten years now). One is deep, raunchy, bluesy and the other has an almost operatic soprano register that she can drop in and out of seamlessly. Very special. I just hope Doha can provide them with the audience they deserve, so they don't lose interest. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Hi. Do you know girls? Who is. what names?


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