From Rattlesnake to Doha, Alan A.

A rare spot of good news for live music fans in Doha: following the closure of Dubai Metropolitan Hotel and the Rattlesnake, Alan A, resident lead singer there for ten years, is taking up a residency in Doha, in a new venue. I bumped into him a few nights ago in Ramada with a couple of his girl singers. We didn't have much of a chance to talk, so I'm not sure if he's bringing the full four-piece band or if it will just be himself and the girls with midi backing from a laptop. We can live in hope, but even if it is only the latter, at least we can be sure of some quality performances from someone who really knows how to work an audience (and can sing well into the bargain). I think he'll be starting in about a week from now, in the Horizon, but that's subject to confirmation when I find out for sure. Watch this space...


  1. I confess............different country (or 2) & 3 different computers later means that I lost track of Paranormal Hotel.
    S'nice to see you're still blogging :-)

  2. Hi Jayne, what can I say except - welcome back! Always good to see a regular. And I probably haven't helped by changing the name of the blog, but I just felt a face lift was overdue :)


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